If I love you will you be less sadSelf-loathing on the subway platform.PoolingOn the limits of traditional education.ExtricateA moment in the field behind your high school.The End of ThingsBackground & Asset IllustrationRdio Icona PopPortraitsOn being self-defeating.SinkPersonal piece on voluntary restraint.SpillFashion DrawingsShow poster, zine cover and logo design.The Le SighA Little Less BlamelessExcerpts from a personal illustrated love letter.You cover everything and fill in the cracksComaOn disordered eating.Filling UpDetail Animation & PaintingDishonoredCover for the poem by Dante Alighieri.The Divine ComedyThree-panel comic.KeptOn accepting pain you think you deserve.PierceAlbum cover and inside artwork.Flowers for CarolineStyleframe IllustrationRed CrossBackground & Character IllustrationFanta InteractiveOf people from home, the subway, and the city.DrawingsOn deceitful relationships.EmbraceCrybabyExperimentsIllustrated TypographyAT&T U-verseDuskOn an article about an elephant who was hanged.The Lynching of MaryCreophagyAbsolutBook CoversHouse StudiesThe LoversPage from a lost story.Auto-SarcophagyBased on the short story by Ray Bradbury.All Summer in a Day