Styleframe & Character DesignAllstate “Safe in My Hands”Show poster for THE LE SIGHBushwick GirlFashion DrawingsPortraitsSelf-loathing on the subway platform.PoolingIf I love you will you be less sadExcerpts from a personal illustrated love letter.You cover everything and fill in the cracksDetail Animation & PaintingDishonoredBackground & Asset IllustrationRdio Icona PopOn disordered eating.Filling UpSinkOn the limits of traditional education.ExtricatePersonal piece on voluntary restraint.SpillA Little Less BlamelessShow poster, zine cover and logo design.The Le SighOn accepting pain you think you deserve.PierceCover for a short story.Morally StraightComaA moment in the field behind your high school.The End of ThingsCover for the poem by Dante Alighieri.The Divine ComedyThree-panel comic.KeptAlbum cover and inside artwork.Flowers for CarolineStyleframe IllustrationRed CrossBackground & Character IllustrationFanta InteractiveOf people from home, the subway, and the city.DrawingsOn deceitful relationships.EmbraceCrybabyExperimentsIllustrated TypographyAT&T U-verseDuskOn an article about an elephant who was hanged.The Lynching of MaryCreophagyAtomAbsolutBook CoversThe LoversPage from a lost story.Auto-SarcophagyBased on the short story by Ray Bradbury.All Summer in a Day