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Angelica Alzona is a NYC-based Filipino-American illustrator, animator and designer from Washington, DC.  She is currently the senior editorial illustrator for Gizmodo Media Group, formerly Gawker, making work for Gizmodo, Splinter, Jezebel, Deadspin, Kotaku, The Root, Lifehacker and Jalopnik.

MTV | Jimmy Choo | Paramount | FXX | The Coca-Cola Company | GE | Red Cross
Allstate Insurance | Bethesda Softworks | Chobani | Johnny Appleseed | Pepsi
Sesame Street | AT&T | Sundance TV | Washington Redskins
 | SyFy

Society of Illustrators 60 Silver Medal in the Editorial Category, 
Trump's War on Climate Science
Annecy 2016 Official Selection and AEAF Bronze, To My Surprise

The HundredsJuxtapoz | Illustration Age | Supersonic Electronic | The Le Sigh 

Modern Post Animator | 2016
Verité Animator | 2016
CHRLX Illustrator, Designer, Animator | 2015
Blacklist Illustrator, Designer, Animator | 2013-2015
Block & Tackle Illustrator, Designer, Animator | 2015
Psyop Illustrator, Designer, Animator | 2013-2014
Studio 6 Illustrator, Designer, Animator | 2013-2014
Ignition Interactive Illustrator | 2014
Spontaneous Designer | 2013
Les Autres Gens Comic Artist | 2011

Rhode Island School of Design Bachelor of Fine Arts, Illustration
Parsons Paris School of Art and Design Study Abroad, Illustration